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Réchignac en armure

"JME reproductions antiques et médiévales" is the result of years of experience and work. I've become a french medieval armourer what is called a "Plattner." A term used in the fifteenth century in Germany in the texts on corporations. Coming from the middle age reenactment, I began the adventure there more than 6 years without really knowing where I go. But the fever of the manufacture of medieval and ancient took me very quickly.

I am known as: Jean-Marc EBERT or by my nickname "Rechignac.

Today I can make any period pieces of armor and helmets.

Réchignac aux baux de Provence



I am not only manufacturer but I am also user. I participate in events of medieval gatherings. You may very well find myself in the battle ground or when inside an arena battle. I happened to participate in international sports competitions of armored combat on foot where I had the chance to fight with people from all over Europe and even USA.

So it allows me to test the functionality of parts that I make and I realize what works and what does not.



Cingulum romain 1er siècleAlong the way, another passion was grafted to the manufacture of armor pieces: the buckles and ancient and medieval artifacts. All you can see on this website is the result of my productions. I am fortunate to be in contact with a researcher of the CNRS: Feugères Michel, who brings a wealth of information and advice in this area.

Now I realize a lot of parts on specific applications with a specification. You can ask me all and I will answer about the feasibility, the method to be used to make, deadlines and prices.

I remain open to all proposals within the limits of my skills.