JME / Reproductions Antiques et Médiévales

JEAN-MARC EBERT known as Réchignac, medieval armourer

Welcome in my workshop where all is possible

My backlog of making armor pieces are already very full, I close it indefinitely.

However the riveted chainmails, buckles and clothing are still available.

Thank you for your understanding.




Now find 2 ranges of products on my website online: Those that I make and those that I import. The parts you can find are for medieval reenactors and roman reenactors.

I specify for each piece if it's made in my workshop or not.

The imported parts are made to my specific requests and according to my specifications. Then they can be modified, adapted or customized in my workshop of your request.

Specializing in helmets and armor pieces, you can also find medieval buckles reproductions for belts, cingulum and accessories from archeology pieces.

Now you'll find as riveted chainmail coif, haubergeon, hauberk, leggings, voiders, skirts, collars, lorica hamata and rings with pliers to rivet.

And to wear under armor or under chainmail, you'll find padded cloth (perpoints, leggings, arming caps, Gambesons ...)

All my accomplishments are custom made and according to your request. Thus I can satisfy all your desires by making unique pieces that are simple or require historical research.

For parts that are not made in my workshops, different sizes are available with some possible adjustments.

Feel free to browse the various pages of my site to see my working methods.

And if you have any questions then contact me and I will be happy to meet your expectations.